People in South Tyrolean costumes with lighted candles A woman playing the fluteat an event A big crown made of red and yellow apples A float decorated with grapes and people dressed with South Tyrolean costumes

The long tradition of Landhaus Hotel Kristall

The Landhaus Hotel Kristall, a former guesthouse, was opened by today's owners in 1970. Meanwhile, the wishes and demands of our guests have changed. In order to meet the new requirements of our guests, the Kristall was adapted to the changing needs in 2000. Through the extension and renovation of the guesthouse, we now offer a 4-star hotel in cottage style.

It is our aim to preserve the "second" home in South Tyrol for our guests. For this reason, we do our best to make the holiday of our guests special and unforgettable.

A warm welcome at Landhaus Hotel Kristall,
Gerda and Heinz Mallner-Biermann